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Tuna fishing pilot in DataBio project. Application design. Results from Prague Inspire hackathon.

Dzmitry Kozhukh

(Submission #319)


The team’s goal was to explore and propose a version of a graphical layout for the application that would show fishermen maps with relevant data, as well as would help them identify the places with potential big fish catch and route them to those places in such way as to minimize time and fuel consumption. Except the graphical layout that was created the team also was working on searching relevant datasets and elaborating on the data visualization in a way that it is conform to naval maps and understandable for the sailors. After presentation there also was a fruitful discussion, some points of which was taken into account in the projects’ future, i.e. the team got an advice to check out and use data published by The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service. The idea came up from the tuna fishing pilot of DataBio project (


Topic Area:  [1.11] Agriculture - forestry - aquaculture
Abstract Type:  Speed Presentation (5')

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