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Growing up with INSPIRE - Implementation of INSPIRE at the Czech Geological Survey

Lucie Kondrová, Olga Moravcová, Dana Čápová, Petr Čoupek, Eva Hudečková and Vladimír Kolejka

(Submission #32)


Czech Geological Survey (CGS) has been gathering, administering and providing data on geological structure of the Czech Republic already for almost 100 years. In the last 10 years, together with an enormous development of the web technologies, INSPIRE directive with its requirements for harmonizing and providing data influenced strongly our way of thinking and directing further development. According to the law, as the legally mandated organization (LMO) on behalf of the Czech Government, the CGS is obliged to provide access to spatial data sets falling within the themes stated in Annexes II and III of the INSPIRE directive (mainly geology, soil, natural risk zones, mineral resources, energy resources). These themes correspond nicely with the scope of the Earth Science Thematic Cluster. All these spatial data are identified by valid metadata, and we are now working on fulfilling all the requirements stipulated in the implementing rules and technical guidelines for the implementation of INSPIRE. Special focus is given to geophysical data (subtheme of the INSPIRE theme Geology) and their consolidation in the framework of the CzechGeo/EPOS project. CGS has been developing its spatial data store with the use of Esri technologies for many years, therefore a logical step would be to use also the ArcGIS for INSPIRE (AGI) extension for implementing INSPIRE. Unfortunately, the development timeline of AGI is not quite synchronized with the deadlines imposed by INSPIRE and not all the needed functionality is currently available for data from Annexes II and III. Therefore, CGS had to proceed to develop its own solution for the ATOM download service. Focus is also given to the refinement of our codelist system into the form of Linked data to be INSPIRE-compliant and to be able to map the geological terminology also to neighboring countries.


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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