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INSPIRE on tools (Geoportal, Re3gistry v2.0, Validator)

Robert Tomas, Michael Lutz, Daniele Francioli, Lorena Hernandez and Emanuela Epure

(Submission #328)


The workshop will present in detail the INSPIRE Geoportal, Registry and Validator and how they can help implementers and users to make INSPIRE work for them. The workshop will provide a quick introductory presentation on the tools. Following this, a set of two interactive and ‘gamified’ hands-on sessions will take place: the facilitators will first do a demo, then participants will be asked to perform several assignments. By performing each assignment, the participants will be able to find the answers to the questions of the prepared quiz.
An award will be given to the participant scoring the highest in the quiz. At the end of the demonstration sessions, there will be a wrap up where the facilitators will present the feedback/questions received followed by discussion with the participants. The target audience for the workshop is: o INSPIRE data publishers and users o Companies providing products and services using the tools


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Workshop

Additional Fields

Academic:   Yes
Data Provider:   Yes
Data User:   Yes
INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   Yes
INSPIRE newbies:   Yes
Policy Officers:   No
Public Administration (MS/Regional/Local):   Yes
Thematic specialists:   Yes
Comments:   The workshop should be combined with the session #331, if possible, they should take place in the same room in two consecutive slots.


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