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INSPIRE Tools – What’s new?

Michael Lutz

(Submission #329)


In almost 10 years of INSPIRE implementation, it has become clear that the INSPIRE infrastructure needs not only clear legislation and technical guidance, but also good tools at European level, to make it work for implementers as well as users. At JRC, we have therefore developed several of these central infrastructure tools and components over the past years. The presentation will give an overview of the current status and recent developments of these tools:

• The new release of the Re3gistry software - version 2, which is used for running the INSPIRE registry will be presented. The new version is implementing features suggested by the stakeholders of the current version (including Member states, European Agencies and SMEs), including a new editing and management interface, simplified installation and several performance improvements.

• The INSPIRE reference validator will also have been improved since version 1.0, which was launched at last year's conference and include additional test suites and software improvements.

• We will present updates to the INSPIRE knowledge base, including further integration of the existing platforms and features to support the new approach to INSPIRE monitoring and reporting.

• Finally, developments with the OSGEO Foundation on a virtual environment with pre-cooked tools (OSGEO-Live for INSPIRE) will be presented.


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

Additional Fields

Academic:   Yes
Data Provider:   Yes
Data User:   Yes
INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   Yes
INSPIRE newbies:   Yes
Policy Officers:   No
Public Administration (MS/Regional/Local):   No
Thematic specialists:   Yes
Comments:   Proposed as a presentation inside the session "Helping to make INSPIRE work – MIWP actions and tools"

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