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Validation of spatial data sets and services metadata

Emilio López, Paloma Abad, Alejandra Sánchez, Antonio F. Rodriguez and Laura Alemany

(Submission #334)


The Official Catalogue of INSPIRE Data and Services (CODSI) is the reflection of Spanish Action Plan that ensures having a set of INSPIRE spatial datasets giving a full description of Spain available before the 2017 and 2020 forthcoming milestones. These datasets provide information with full coverage, a reasonable resolution and quality, and they have guaranteed updating. They are differentiated in the metadata through a keyword specially chosen for that purpose and includes all the associated resources (services, metadata) required to form a fully compliant INSPIRE resource set.

CODSI contains the SDS and services metadata of the INSPIRE compliant datasets and network services of annex I. We have one INSPIRE conformant spatial dataset at national level in the following themes: geographical names, administrative units, address, transport network, hydrography and cadastral parcels. This catalogue is used by the INSPIRE Geoportal to obtain the metadata of the datasets, series and services of Spain, it shall make the results of this monitoring accessible to the Commission and to the public on a permanent basis. At present, around 30 national and regional catalogues are accessed and harvested from the Spanish national catalogue. The Catalogue on INSPIRE Geoportal harvests our catalogue daily and our SDS didn’t show on Thematic geoportal viewer, its main objective of this newly developed filter is to separate datasets that cover whole countries from the rest of the datasets provided by Member States in the INSPIRE Geoportal.

This communication describes briefly the methodology to correct the metadata and pass the Inspire validation, to obtain 100% in metadata and 100% in interoperability in SDS and the Spanish services web according to guidelines and includes a short summary of the find problems, good practices and the future steps of development. CODSI URL:


Topic Area:  [3.1] Making INSPIRE work in 2025
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   This work is live. We are validating the spanish metadata yet.


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