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Agriculture meets INSPIRE: we have to do it together!

Tamme van der Wal

(Submission #336)


Agriculture is a domain with many links to other sectors and with a significant environmental impact and a very data intensive domain. The governance in agriculture uses a lot of insightful datasets related to policy by managing on subsidiary regulations, compliancy to environmental regulations and more. Currently every EU member state implements the obligatory Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) which contains for instance the Land Parcel Information System (LPIS) where the agricultural land use is annually updated and controlled. Already the delineation of the parcel boundaries would be a great asset to other data users in the public and private domain, although the attributes of these parcels are an even more valuable asset to do annual monitoring of land use, land-use changes, agricultural activities, habitat changes, landscape features etc. etc. This indicates already many INSPIRE themes are related and working together in the ’integrating’ Agri-domain is a prerequisite The agricultural sector is furthermore using a lot of other European data, like coming from the Copernicus and Galileo satellites and services, where further integration and co-use from other sectors seems relevant. The agricultural datasets are richer than what is currently used in INSPIRE. Vice Versa, other themes in INSPIRE could be more integrated in agricultural accounting and reporting. In this workshop, Wageningen UR, RVO, LTO (farmers organisation), IGN and more colleagues from the Netherlands and other member states (Belgium, France, Denmark and more) discuss the issues and challenges of connecting the agricultural datasets to INSPIRE. How can INSPIRE be empowered by these insightful data which are already in use by an important stakeholder group ? What are the barriers in different member states? How can sharing being enabled within a public but also personal secured environment? In addition we see developments not only at DG Environment, Corine landCover-plus (CLC+) but also DG Agri CAP2020+, and DG Clima. LULUCF to name a few. Learning objective will be: ‘What can Agriculture learn from INSPIRE vice versa, both pitfalls and benefits?’


Topic Area:  [1.11] Agriculture - forestry - aquaculture
Abstract Type:  Workshop

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