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The 2018 INSPIRE monitoring round – Discussing the outcomes

Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias and Stefan Jensen

(Submission #34)


The Directive 2007/2/EC requires Member States to monitor the implementation and use of their infrastructures for spatial information and to report on the implementation of that Directive. Consequently, the Commission Decision 2009/442/EC provides for Member States to establish a list of the INSPIRE spatial data sets, services and network services, which shall be communicated to the Commission. It also establishes that the monitoring should be based on a set of indicators, to be calculated on the basis of the data collected from appropriate stakeholders at the various levels of public authority. The results of this exercise shall relate to the monitoring conducted during a calendar year, and be published by 15 May of the following year, being thereafter updated every year. In 2013, the EEA took over the management of the delivery process of the INSPIRE monitoring information and reporting. Furthermore, and since 2015, the monitoring exercise is supported by a series of tools (i.e. web forms and dashboard) developed in order to simplify, and automatize as much as possible, the creation of the INSPIRE monitoring file. In particular, the INSPIRE dashboard, a joint development under the MIG, helps countries create the monitoring file by harvesting the metadata of their national discovery services.
The results of the 2018 INSPIRE monitoring round (with reference year 2017) are particularly relevant since, by this year’s deadline, the milestone related to the interoperability of Annex I spatial datasets and services will have already been reached. This presentation will therefore provide an overview of the monitoring outcomes, both at European and national levels, as well as disaggregated by INSPIRE Annexes and by service type. It will show trends and patterns in the implementation of the national spatial data infrastructures based on an analysis performed over the monitoring data provided by countries since the beginning of this exercise back in 2010. The presentation will also summarise the details of the 2018 monitoring round workflow, including an analysis of the use of the dashboard by the countries. The degree of uptake of the dashboard will help analyse the level of readiness of countries towards a fully automated monitoring system based on metadata, as foreseen in Action Plan to Streamline Environmental Reporting published by the Commission in 2017. Finally, the presentation will establish a link with the ongoing review process of the INSPIRE monitoring and reporting decision and the development and update of the INSPIRE country fiches.


Topic Area:  [3.1] Making INSPIRE work in 2025
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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