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An Experience of Transforming INSPIRE Compliant Data Into Linked Data

Antonio F. Rodríguez, Pedro Vivas, Hugo Potti, Carlos Palma, Manuel Morillo, Enrique Soriano and Rafael Navascués

(Submission #342)


Ontologies are one of the emerging technologies which are defining a new frontier, attracting the attention of data producers and INSPIRE implementers because of its potential and future applications. Problem is that core technologies enabling SDIs (as Web Map Service standard) are 20 years old and they have evolved a lot since them. New concepts and frameworks have appeared (Smart Cities, IoT, Open Data, Web 2.0, sensors, machine learning…) while the basic technologies were not fully implemented. The consequence is a growing gap between implementations and available technologies. Nevertheless, there are few available datasets in Europe published as linked data. This is a very important fact, because the only way to probe and test its usability and applicability is to provide users and developers with the opportunity of exploit INSPIRE Compliant Data transformed and published as linked data.
We have developed quite a simple pilot project to transform to linked data the national INSPIRE-compliant datasets of the Spanish Basic Gazetteer with more than 1 million of place names and the Administrative Units official dataset. We have divided the project in nine steps:

  1. Generating, publishing and deploying of Linked Data from AU and GN GML files
  2. Testing SPARQL and GeoSPARQL queries
  3. Generation and publication of subsets from INSPIRE OWL
  4. Testing SparqQL and GeoSPARQL queries
  5. Integrating OWL + INSPIRE in production processes
  6. Full Linked Data production
  7. Definition of a Docker Image and publication of the tool under development
  8. Testing and documentation
  9. Conclusions In this presentation we are going to give a summary of the tasks completed, identifying problems, difficulties and issues and we will end with a set of conclusions. As a consequence of the work performed, we will try to provide some feedback about the INSPIRE document on RDF Guidelines such as some corrections proposals on the RDF vocabularies so automatic validators can be applied to the data.


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

Additional Fields

Academic:   No
Data Provider:   No
Data User:   No
INSPIRE Implementer (IT):   Yes
INSPIRE newbies:   No
Policy Officers:   No
Public Administration (MS/Regional/Local):   Yes
Thematic specialists:   No
Comments:   Ontologies, RDF, linked data

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