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Semantic Web Essentials: The OGC Definition Server

Ingo Simonis and Athina Trakas

(Submission #349)


Interoperability mechanisms are needed for many aspects including data structure, semantics, packaging, access and processing operations, and have varying degrees of maturity across these aspects. In the context of data, there are several efforts under way to develop harmonized information and data models, complemented with a set of matching interfaces to discover, access, and process the various data sources. These efforts have proven to be most efficient if using uniquely defined concepts and terms that are available at resolvable URIs. These are provided by the OGC Definition Server infrastructure, which is currently growing into an online reference for geospatial concepts. Started as a tool to serve definitions defined in the OGC context, it is currently extended to allow for serving feature type definitions, profiles of standards, or domain specific settings such as CityGML application domain extensions or sensor models. With these extensions the OGC Definition Server grows into an essential pillar for the Semantic Web. It provides clear semantics for technical terms, helps discovering related resources, and ensures proper integration of data across disciplines and domains.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Cooperation on standardization
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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