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Assessing aspects of sustainable mobility in European cities, using harmonised geospatial data

Hugo Poelman

(Submission #35)


Issues of urban mobility play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable development of cities. Various policy targets and priorities at global and European level focus on strategies enhancing the sustainability of urban mobility. The UN sustainable development goal 11 explicitly mentions sustainable transport systems. At EU level, investment priorities cover low-carbon strategies, in particular for urban areas, including sustainable (multimodal) urban mobility. Evidence-based policy in this area benefits from an increasing availability of harmonised indicators at relevant territorial levels. Using comparable territorial definitions of urban areas in combination with adequate geospatial data, this presentation showcases the development of a set of indicators describing the availability, proximity and performance of infrastructure and services providing accessibility to population and employment in cities, by means of sustainable and/or active modes: walking, cycling and public transport. These experiences show the importance of using open, high-resolution, harmonised geodata, and demonstrate the challenges ahead in mainstreaming the production of policy-relevant indicators for all cities in Europe. Further INSPIRE implementation, especially in the areas of transport networks, building units and addresses will increase the opportunities for EU-wide indicator production. The work of UN-GGIM Europe on core dataset specifications, the ongoing development of Copernicus land monitoring services and the forthcoming implementation of the Delegated Regulation on EU-wide multimodal travel information services are important additional assets for ensuring progress in the development of scalable indicators on urban sustainable mobility.


Topic Area:  [1.3] Use and potential of INSPIRE for the development of indicators
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   sustainable mobility; cities; UN-GGIM; Copernicus; transport networks

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