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The impact of the INSPIRE Directive on the turnover of ownership of agricultural real estate - case study of Poland

Anna Klimach, Agnieszka Dawidowicz and Ryszard Źróbek

(Submission #367)


Entry into force of the INSPIRE Directive and its implementation in the Polish legal system played an important role in the modernization and harmonization of many real estate information systems. Unification of standards has made it possible to integrate data contained in public registers This milestone step brought Poland closer to launching an effective Land Administration System (LAS) called Integrated Real Estate Information System (IREIS), which will be a multi-purpose system available to public authorities and individuals. LAS have a significant meaning and influence on decisions making process in the Land Administration or Land Management processes. LAS as part of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) are used to implement land policy and spatial development strategies for sustainable development, providing spatial information about rights, obligations and restrictions for land. Polish IREIS is an effective tool to support the principles of good governance, including trade in agricultural real estate. In Poland, some changes in the law have been made, which limited the possibility of free trade in agricultural property. The state administration authorities responsible for supervising the trading of these properties have previously used information about real estate gathered in various, separately functioning public registers. The start-up of the IREIS, which arises due to the implementation of the Inspire Directive, may facilitate the performance of the duties of public administration bodies. In this case, the public administration will obtain information about real estate necessary for the needs of the Sales Protection System for the Agricultural Land (SPSAL). Access to many data on real estate integrated in one system, the public administration will obtain all necessary data from "one window". Trade of agricultural real estate is a particularly sensitive process, which should be monitored due to the need to protect agricultural land, as it may hit in unwanted hands. In the future this land could be used for other purposes. Therefore, the SPSAL should apply to both private and public properties. Administracja publiczna nie zawsze ma dostęp do wszystkich danych o nieruchomościach. Public administration does not always have access to all data on real estate. This data is obtained when the proceedings regarding a particular real estate are pending. Therefore, the public administration needs current data that can be obtained in a short period of time. The Inspire Directive facilitated and accelerated the process of creating a NSDI. Because of this Polish public registers of real estate data may function in a more effective structure. These systems can be used in many procedures regarding both private and public real estate.


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