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New INSPIRE Monitoring and Reporting System

Vlado Cetl, Karen Fullerton and Loizos Bailas

(Submission #369)


INSPIRE country fiche template was introduced in 2017, which should guide the streamlining of the monitoring and reporting exercise into a more effective and cost-efficient process that makes optimal use of already existing information. Member States country fiches and Summary EU fiche reflecting reporting 2016 were published in 2017 as a static PDF documents on the INSPIRE Knowledge Base. To support new Reporting decision, new monitoring and reporting system should be developed. It should be based on the monitoring indicators that are calculated automatically from the metadata. Reporting part should be based on the online system of the country fiches. Integral part of the country fiche is the dashboard with graphical and numerical visualization of calculated indicators. With this paper, we would like to present work done so far and receive feedback from audience to help us with further development.


Topic Area:  [3.1] Making INSPIRE work in 2025
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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