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RECAP – Reinforcing environmental compliance within the CAP

Machi Symeonidoy

(Submission #371)


In the frame of the current EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), basic environmental requirements are integrated in to the CAP through Cross Compliance (CC), by linking direct payments to compliance of farmers with environmental standards. The complexity and diversity of these obligations brings up challenges for the public administrations responsible for the CC monitoring, entailing a high administrative cost for public administrations and being evidently complex processes of poor transparency. The RECAP solution provides a commercial platform that integrates satellite remote sensing and user-generated data into services for public authorities, farmers and agricultural consultants enhancing the monitoring of environmental compliance. The presentation will focus on the use of the RECAP provided services for a reinforced environmental compliance within the CAP.

RECAP – Personalised Public Services in Support for the implementation of the Common Agriculture Policy. Is funded under the ICT-enabled open government (H2020-INSO-2015-CNECT) call (Grant Agreement 693171).


Topic Area:  [1.4] Compliance assurance  and environmental crime
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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