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INSPIRE services with GeoServer and HALE, where are we?

simone giannecchini and Nuno Oliveira

(Submission #39)


GeoServer is a well established multiplatform, open source geospatial server providing a variety of OGC services, including WMS (view services), WFS and WCS (download services) as well as WPS (spatial data processing services). Among the open source GIS web servers GeoServer is well known for the ease of setup, the web console helping the administrator to configure data and services, the variety of OGC services available out of the box, as well as the rich set of data sources that it can connect to (open source, such as PostGIS as well as proprietary, such as ArcSDE, Oracle or ECW rasters).

As far as the INSPIRE scenario is concerned GeoServer has extensive support for implementing view and download services thanks to its core capabilities but also to a number of free and open source extensions; undoubtedly the most well-known (and dreaded) extension is App-Schema which can be used, in cooperation with HALE to publish complex-features and implement sophisticated download services for vector data.

This presentation will briefly introduce GeoServer and its level of compliance with respect to the various INSPIRE services, therefore, we will focus on weaknesses and points of strength of the App-Schema extension covering in detail ongoing and planned work on both GeoServer as well as HALE. Eventually, real world use-cases from the organizations that have selected GeoServer and GeoSolutions to support INSPIRE (e.g. BRGM, BEV, ZAMG, DLR, NLS, SYKE, NPRA, INE and more) will be introduced to provide the attendees with references and lessons learnt that could put them on the right path when adopting GeoServer.


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   No
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