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What's new in Spanish INSPIRE implementation

Emilio López, Antonio Rodriguéz, Paloma Abad and Alejandra Sánchez

(Submission #41)


Implementing INSPIRE is an exciting challenge but also a hard and difficult process. In Spain, we have taken important steps, coordinating actors from different administrative levels, capturing very precise data, as aerial and satellite images, LiDAR data or transport and hydrography networks, utilising standards and technologies to implement new client applications and services. And, last but not least, defining a new and open data license.

Nowadays, we are serving millions of images and tiles from our web mapping services and web map tile services, growing year after year. Hundreds of terabytes of geospatial information freely downloaded from our Download Centre website every year. It is a success but also a responsibility.

In this presentation, we would like to show the latest advances in the implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain, the use of 3D scenes, the vector tiles developments, best practices using the infrastructure, mobile app, clients applications, an ontology experience and next steps.

We have been working more than 15 years in the NSDI, we have invested many resources as other many organisations in all over Europe but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. And we would like to show you what we are seeing.


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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