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The sharing and reuse of IT solutions and the collaborative platform and repository of IT solutions Joinup

Monika Sowinska

(Submission #51)


Sharing or developing IT solutions (OSS or shared services) that meet common requirements contributes to faster implementation of more efficient digital public services. In addition, using the same solutions and adapting best practices to the needs of local, regional, national, and European public administrations promotes interoperability, standardisation and cooperation and facilitates e-Government services modernisation The concept of sharing and reuse of IT solutions promoted by the ISA2 Programme's action Sharing and Reuse can be applied to all levels and all types of artefacts, including: technical solutions such as IT applications, semantic assets such as different taxonomies or code lists, and frameworks, guidelines, legislation and licences such as the European Union Public Licence (EUPL).

There are some key challenges that limit sharing and reuse of IT solutions at technical, organisational, legal, and communication levels. The ISA2 Programme's Sharing and Reuse Framework for IT Solutions provides 10 generic and 28 specific recommendations for public administrations to help overcome these challenges. These guidelines are applicable in the context of geospatial data and solutions reuse as well and, once implemented, they support enhancement of the INSPIRE Directive through the use of geospatial data in digital public services.

The framework also includes 19 recommended measures which specifically target central organisations as it is crucial that they support sharing and reuse by creating a climate of innovation in their administrations. It exemplifies more than 20 already existing supporting instruments that facilitate sharing and reusing IT solutions.

Joinup, the collaborative platform and repository of IT solutions, is one of such important and effective supporting instruments. Created in 2011 by ISA2 Programme, this government digitisation platform offers access to more than 2800 interoperability solutions for public administrations, included in the collections of more than 40 standardisation bodies, public administrations, and OSS repositories.

The platform is the hub for community building activities as it helps EU public administrations, citizens, and the private sector work together on reusable ICT solutions, and exchanging best practices and aggregates news, studies, and benchmarks on government digitisation across the 28 EU MS and 4 EFTA countries.

Joinup hosts many geospatial solutions and communities around them providing additional access and visibility to what is offered by specialised geospatial platforms and boosting solutions' take-up. In this sense it already complemented the role of A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARe3NA), and now supports the mission of Inspire in Practice Platform and INSPIRE Directive implementation in Member States.


Topic Area:  [2.2] International cooperation at EU/EFTA/EEA level
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   sharing and reuse, joinup, interoperability, digitalisation, public administrations

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