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INSPIRE implementation in Portugal and recent developments in the Portuguese National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Danilo Furtado, Paulo Patrício, Alexandra Fonseca, Ana Luísa Gomes, Henrique Silva, Vanda Bica, André Serronha and Mário Caetano

(Submission #55)


The National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) is evolving according to SNIG2020, the five year Vision for the NSDI and INSPIRE. Following the required changes in the NSDI legislation performed last year, that allowed to better guaranty the involvement of all the GI data producers embraced by INSPIRE obligations and the articulation of the NSDI with the thematic, regional or local SDIs, SNIG is now in a new phase.

SNIG geoportal is registering main changes aiming to streamline the capabilities for searching information, improve the presentation of results and the register of metadata in the catalogue and above all to make the platform more intuitive and user-friendly for citizens and for more specialized users. Efforts are being undertaken to perform the migration, renewal and enhancement of the SNIG platform into an Open Source solution, modify the platform interface design, develop new functionalities and improve the existing ones.

INSPIRE monitoring is performed directly through the SNIG catalogue metadata records that include the keyword INSPIRECORE, since 2017. This year an effort for tagging metadata with the priority datasets for e-reporting keywords was asked to SNIG entities to enrich the Portuguese contribution to the Thematic Viewer. Also a special attention is being devoted to metadata completion in terms of data policy providing information on data access conditions and to the availability of more spatial data services.

A new approach to SNIG/INSPIRE Networks and Working Groups have been decided. Thematic working groups (GTI-TE) are now Thematic Networks and a new working group was created that merges the previous Horizontal Group (GTI-TR) and the INSPIRE Coordination Group (GC-GTI). The reorganization aims to globally optimize the efforts of both the NCP and the entities involved in INSPIRE implementation, overcoming problems of superimposition of tasks and issues and the lack of human resources evidenced by several entities. The Operational Group (GTI operacional) involves skilled people, not only from SNIG entities, interested in actively participate in the NSDI and INSPIRE implementation activities. This operational GTI identifies and encourages the development of tasks of a transversal or interinstitutional nature, technological or thematic, to be carried out by task forces formed for that purpose involving the participation of elements from the Thematic Networks (ex-GTI-TE) and others that do not belong to the Networks whenever this is justified, including private companies.


Topic Area:  [2.1] National approaches and strategies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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