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Finding the best way for harmonizing INSPIRE data - overview and implementation in the Azores Region (Portugal)

Marta Medeiros

(Submission #58)


The implementation process of the INSPIRE Directive in the Autonomous Region of the Azores began, in 2009, by the department of the Government of the Azores responsible for environmental matters. One of the first steps in this process was the implementation of a relational database which allowed the reword of the UML structures defined in the data specifications of the themes that are included in the annexes of the INSPIRE Directive. The objective was to ensure the creation of a geographic information repository already INSPIRE compliant. However, after performing several tests, this process was considered impractical due to the duplication of the existing information. It was also founded that the process of importing data into such complex structure was not simple. Given the above limitations, it was decided to adopt alternatively some of the existing open source software to implement the INSPIRE directive in the Region. The existing INSPIRE relational geodatabase was converted into PostgreSQL/PostGIS format and has been used as an intermediate step in the data harmonization process. This solution eases the data treatment process and the mapping of the attributes from different schemas. HALE Studio is used to transform and generate INSPIRE data compliant for the Azores. However, the problem of data duplication continued to exist, so it was necessary to adopt a new solution to solve this limitation. The solution found was the addition of new attributes to the existing data models in order to allow the correct mapping between the source schema and the target schema. Thus, existing data is no longer compromised and new fields are added only when effectively needed. HALE Studio is also used to generate INSPIRE services, through the exportation of the resulting alignments (app-schema) directly to the GeoServer software, through which the services configuration and publication is made. It is import to refer that the decisions made by the Government of the Azores, over the last few years, concerning the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive have led to the achievement of some positive results in terms of data harmonization and publication processes. The investment made in the training and acquisition of skilled labor in this work area also contributed to these good results.


Topic Area:  [3.4] Fitness for purpose
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Comments:   Data, harmonization, Azores, Portugal

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