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TN-ITS GO: a reference deployment project in EU bringing government road data changes to large scale ITS map databases

Stephen T'Siobbel

(Submission #65)


Fresh digital maps are a key enabler for a wide variety of ITS technologies, supporting localization services, navigation, connected and autonomous driving, etc. These maps are build and maintained with an impressive array of data sourcing and processing technologies. Road/Transport government agencies can be an important contributor to the feed of road data changes.

The TN-ITS platform is an EU focused deployment platform to facilitate the provision and exchange of (changes of) ITS spatial data between public authorities and third parties. It was established in 2013 under ERTICO - ITS Europe – coordination, acting upon a number of EU Directives related to data exchange. The standardization of interfaces and data entities, providing deployment support, and promoting stakeholder alignment are key objectives. Since its start, a number of Scandinavian authorities have set-up operational services and are sharing e.g. speed limit data under an open data license on daily or weekly basis. From 2016 to 2017, a CEF EIP project focused on adding 5 more pilots in Europe (IE, UK, FL, FR, FI). Stimulated by the platform and supported by the Commission, the TN-ITS specification will be turned into a CEN Technical Specification (278) by mid-2018. This same year, a new 4 year CEF project kicked-off, called TN-ITS GO, and unites 19 partners to further advance and deploy EU TN-ITS services.

The 2M€ CEF grant will stimulate and accelerate the coordinated provision of ITS road spatial data to enhance the quality of services based on these data (implementing delegated regulations under Directive 2010/40/EU). Whereas the objective is to set up TN-ITS services in 9 new member states - NL, CY, EE, EL, ES, HU, LT, PT, SI - for the TEN-T road network, experience has learned that an extended network coverage is a natural and quick progress. The project will mature TN-ITS pilot services from UK, IE, FR, FL by extending the geographic scope, the number of attributes, and improved quality control. In Finland, Sweden, Norway and Flanders the ambition is to support more features, achieve coverage extension and test the Feedback Loop. The latter refers to the communication channel from the receiving map providers (TomTom and HERE) back to the government data providers, reflecting characteristics of the data ingestion process, aimed to improve the quality of the data chain. TN-ITS GO will also (continue to) make the bridge to other standardisation platforms as TISA, INSPIRE, OADF, etc.


Topic Area:  [2.6] Cooperation on standardization
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Comments:   Digital maps, data exchange, TN-ITS

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