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How to assess and showcase the impact of open environmental information?

Jaana Mäkelä, Riitta Teiniranta and Kaisu Harju

(Submission #71)


The important questions related to INSPIRE and open spatial data are: “What is the impact of INSPIRE services?” and “What is the impact of open spatial data?” EU countries have invested a lot of money in creating Spatial Data Infrastructures and INSPIRE services. Public organisations that has opened their spatial data sets expect that open data is used extensively for the benefit of societies and businesses. Until now the impact of INSPIRE services has been reported to EU Commission showing statistics about the number of INSPIRE services, number of requests sent to the services and number of downloads of spatial data in each country. These indicators are relatively easy to gather but they do not describe the impact of data and more advanced analysis are needed.

In this presentation we describe the new methodology for impact assessment. It was used to analyse the impact of Finnish Environment Institute’s (SYKE) open environmental information. The indicators were defined based on the strategic goals of SYKE and data for the indicators were collected automatically from SYKE’s services providing environmental information such as web maps, spatial web services and download services. Data sources were Google Analytics, log files and Spatineo Platform. All indicators and their values were visualized on a dashboard so that decision makers, product owners and developers of services can easily get a shared situational awareness of the impact of environmental information.

We show how the indicators such as ‘How actively citizens are contributing to monitoring, observing and producing of data on nature?’ and ‘Who are the specific users of data on built environment?’ were derived, how the collected data for indicators was analysed and what interesting results the dashboard shows. Also recommendations for improvements how to improve the awareness of users of the available services and how to develop the technical infrastructure do that all essential data for the indicators can be collected are listed. Using the dashboard SYKE can track their progress with regard to their strategic goals and provide clear and up-to-date metrics to help identify development areas and show their success.


Topic Area:  [1.3] Use and potential of INSPIRE for the development of indicators
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Impact, indicator, dashboard, strategy, environmental information

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