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SMART WAYS TO ANTWERP: the challenges involving mobility data

Stijn Vernaillen and Emilie Couwenberg

(Submission #72)


SMART WAYS TO ANTWERP: the challenges involving mobility data Antwerp is a medium to large sized city with enormous mobility challenges. The city is located in the heart of Europe and hosts the second largest port in Europe. In the coming years a large part of its main road infrastructure will be reconstructed. To keep Antwerp moving both in terms of people and in terms of logistics, we needed to create a modal, mind and time shift. Various projects have been set up to help employees and employers, tourists and inhabitants, public transport and private transport,... find new (and better) ways to move around in Antwerp. By working together with all parties involved, combining data from various sources and attracting innovative companies, the City of Antwerp has been able to provide solutions for most mobility needs.

A mayor accomplishment of “Smart Ways to Antwerp” is the creation of the first real Multimodal Transport Planner. With this travel planner, it is easy for users to find alternatives for car usage. The travel planner is not only able to give a combination of car+public transportation or bike+public transportation but also includes all other mobility solutions like bike/car sharing, taxi,... In addition, historical data and real-time data have been implemented to give a more correct advice on travel time and solutions. The main technical challenge was getting all the different data sources and formats to work together and to keep them updated. The level of detail needed to give good advice to users was much higher than expected. Other challenges included legacy formats, absence of data export possibilities and datafile size.

For the second year in a row the City of Antwerp/Smart Ways to Antwerp has launched a project call for innovative mobility solutions. Several MaaS providers signed up for the challenge. Thanks to our experience with building our routeplanner and because the focus on open usage/data was there from the beginning, we’ve made it easier for the various players to plugin their content/data in our system and use the logics developed by us. In this way, the City of Antwerp has created a real world Living Lab for Mobility-As-A-Service and is Open For Business.


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