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Publishing georeferenced statistical data using linked open data technologies

Mirosław Migacz

(Submission #73)


Polish official statistics possesses a vast amount of statistical data dispersed among different databases and disseminated using various publication methods. While there is a significant increase in openness of the data, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of integrating different data sources. That is why Statistics Poland decided to look into the linked open data technology and launched a project for a pilot implementation based on statistical and geospatial data samples.

Multiple data sources published by official statistics have been identified, described with metadata and assessed in terms of their openness. At the same time, units of territorial division of the country that are used for statistical data dissemination have been catalogued, harmonized and generalized for years 2002-2016.

Finally, linked open data technologies have been explored in order to find a feasible implementation method. This pilot covered statistical data from three major databases (Local Data Bank, STRATEG system and Demography database), geographical data for statistical units and the data sources catalogue. A thorough research has been performed on existing vocabularies and statistical linked open data implementations in order to create RDF metadata and establish a test SPARQL endpoint.

The pilot linked open data implementation was a valuable exercise which provided a lot of answers but at the same time raised a lot of new questions: Is there a reference implementation for statistical data? Which vocabularies to use? What should we link to? How to encode geospatial data to make them most usable? Most implementations are technically correct but are they of good quality? Hopefully an increasing interest in linked open data along with pan-European cooperation fuelled by Eurostat’s DIGICOM project will provide answers to these questions and a reference statistical linked data implementation will surface soon.


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
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