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7 years of Member states working on Merging Statistics and Geoinformation – a review

Hannes Reuter

(Submission #78)


Eurostat operates a number of actions which aim at promoting the use of geospatial information for statistical purposes, and more generally the combination of statistical and geospatial information. Eurostat Unit E4 Regional Statistics and Geoinformation cooperate with Member States in the GISCO working group which is composed of representatives of European National Statistical Institutes and National Mapping and Cadastral Authorities. Representatives of other EU Institutions and Bodies, from EuroGeographics, the European Forum for Geography and Statistics, UN-GGIM: Europe and other relevant groups and stakeholders in geospatial information management are also regular participants in the work of the GISCO working group. The common goal is to make progress towards an integrated information infrastructure for policy makers, researchers, spatial planners, and other users of public, authoritative statistical and geospatial data combining statistical and geospatial information systems. In this progress a development of a spatial reference framework for statistics and the development of a European version of the Statistical Geospatial Framework were performed at the European level. At the same time member states organisations worked on improving the combination of statistical and geospatial information. In this presentation we will cover the highlights of several years of implementation and report on various issues which are reoccurring themes. These issues range from addressing the space –time phenomena (e.g. historical data) up to pragmatic technical approaches and cover the INSPIRE or the UNGGIM:Europe framework, on Open Data , on administrative data, on statistical data.


Topic Area:  [2.2] International cooperation at EU/EFTA/EEA level
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Academic:   No
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Thematic specialists:   Yes

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