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National Geospatial Platforms - A solution to interoperability challenge in Europe

Antti Jakobsson

(Submission #81)


Presentation will be addressing the issue of interoperability challenge which exists in Europe. While INSPIRE specifications have established a good basis for the interoperability there are still major issues to be solved. National Geospatial Platforms are currently developed in many European countries and they could be provide a solution to the puzzle of interoperability.

We have investigated status of national geospatial platforms in Europe and how they are addressing the issue of interoperability. A survey to the national mapping and cadastral agencies combined with some benchmark studies was conducted in 2017.

In Finland a new national geospatial platform is under development and we will discuss how interopera-bility can be archived by providing interoperability tools for the data providers. These include common data models based on INSPIRE, data transformation tools, data quality tools and specifications, life cycle rules and management of persistent IDs. These tools will enable to set up national harmonized data themes, for example on buildings. From the user point of view national platform will give a one access point but also new possibilities like change only updates and linked data services.

If we think how these national geospatial platforms might provide a solution at European level we should first have a look on current achievements. There has been number of European projects where this challenge has been addressed. These include ESDIN, ELF and Open ELS projects. Key challeng-es that have remained partly unsolved include how to guarantee access when the original service is down, how to download large data volumes, how to solve the edge-matching between countries/data providers, how to provide change only updates and linked data. Data quality issues also remain a major issue. A solution might be that national geospatial platforms would be used to create a European geo-spatial platform. We will present the components that might be needed and a possible way forward.


Topic Area:  [3.1] Making INSPIRE work in 2025
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   geospatial platform, interoperability, linked data, data quality,

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