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Web-based Event Detection for Water Resource Management

Matthes Rieke, Simon Jirka, Christian Förster, Christian Malewski and Thomas Tscheu

(Submission #82)


During the last two years, the availability of the INSPIRE Technical Guidance for handling observation data has opened up the door for new types of applications. The ability to react to certain situations has always been an important task for managers of water resources, ranging from gauge monitoring to pollution detection. This work presents a novel approach on a web-based architecture for detecting and communicating such situations from time series data of the Wupper river basin managed by the Wupperverband.

We designed a system comprising several Sensor Web components, namely the OGC Sensor Observation Service, as recommended by the INSPIRE TG for Download Services, and the OGC Publish/Subscribe standard. In particular, two lightweight REST APIs (Sensor Web REST API and Eventing REST API) have been developed to complement these interfaces and allow seamless integration into Web clients. The overall goal was to create a sophisticated system that supports operators in their assessment of critical situations such as possible floodings.

The Eventing REST API provides means to subscribe to event rules. An event rule is a pattern that is based on a specific threshold for a specific phenomenon at a given measuring station. Operators are interested in changes to this phenomenon as they indicate such critical situations. For example, a set of event rules is defined as

Once an operator has subscribed to the set of rules via the Eventing REST API, push-based messages are provided to the operator via different communication channels whenever the corresponding time series of the phenomenon matches the criteria of one of the rules. By default, the operator is informed by email.

As operators already have a web client for time series visualisations at their disposal, the next step will be the integration of the eventing architecture into this web client. The outcome will be a sophisticated operations dashboard that informs the operators in near real time about critical situations that need immediate response. It will allow the integrated visualisation of events within a time series graph as well as the display of warnings on the overview map of measurement stations.

In summary, this presentation introduces an approach how the INSPIRE TG for the handling of observation data is used as a baseline for building advanced tools that enable the analysis of near real-time data flows.


Topic Area:  [3.2] Tools and technologies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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