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Spatineo Service Quality Awards: Using Availability and Validity Data for INSPIRE Service Quality Ranking

Fabio Bittencourt and Sampo Savolainen

(Submission #92)


As a result of the INSPIRE Directive implementation efforts in the 28 EU member states (followed by 6 other nations), over one hundred thousand INSPIRE Spatial Data Services currently exist, varying from View (approximately 60%), Download (40%), Discovery, Transformation and Other service types, providing data sets for the 32 INSPIRE spatial data themes. The amount of services is currently looking good, but how good is the overall service quality?

In order to investigate the Quality of Service for the INSPIRE services and give credit for those organisations going the extra mile for providing high-quality and reliable usage experience for their users, we use the extensive service availability and service description and validation information we have collected while operating Spatineo Monitor over the last 6 years.

Based on a consistent and transparent quality-of-service evaluation method, we are revealing the winners of the 2nd Edition of Spatineo INSPIRE Service Quality Awards. We will publish and present the results at the INSPIRE Conference 2018. We will award the winning organisations for their achievements based on the reliability and compliance with the INSPIRE Directive.

Presentation will show an overview of the quality evaluation methodology used for service quality ranking, the challenges and solutions in running the ranking calculations, some statistics about the overall average quality of services per country and INSPIRE Services in general, and a detailed breakdown of the different Quality of Service indicators of the top ranking organisations in the period.

We would also like to spare some time for discussion about the best methods and ideas for improving the quality of INSPIRE Spatial Web Services. We invite the INSPIRE community to share ideas and comments to improve the ways we can currently assess the quality of INSPIRE services. 1 Based on service numbers registered in the INSPIRE Geoportal on 7th March 2018,


Topic Area:  [3.5] Best practices
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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