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New technical specifications for the Portuguese reference cartography

Henrique Silva, Paulo Patrício, João Cordeiro, Danilo Furtado, Rui Reis, Catarina Roque, Artur Seara, André Serronha, Marisa Silva, Ricardo Tomé and Mário Caetano

(Submission #93)


The Portuguese Directorate-General for the Territory (DGT) is the National Mapping and Cadastral Agency in the country. DGT is responsible for the definition of technical specifications for the Portuguese reference cartography. Technical specifications in force for the production of reference cartography at scales 1: 1000, 1: 2000, 1: 5000 and 1:10 000 are available in the DGT website. Following the transposition of the INSPIRE Directive in Portugal and the publication of the Decree-Law Nº. 141/2014, which establishes the principles that Portuguese reference cartography should follow, DGT decided to update existing technical specifications for the production of reference cartography at large scales. This update had two primary objectives: 1) to adapt the technical specifications for cartographic production to the technological developments occurred in recent years, which has significantly changed the way most users currently explore spatial data; and 2) find ways to better connect the technical specifications for Portuguese reference cartography production and the INSPIRE rules and specifications, simplifying the data harmonization procedures. The INSPIRE themes considered relevant for creating the new technical specifications were: Geographical Names, Transport Networks, Hydrography, Elevation, Land Cover, Orthoimagery, Buildings, Production and Industrial Facilities and Utility and Governmental Services. For restructuring the technical specifications for cartographic production a working group was assembled and is composed by several technicians with complementary skills. The process took also the input from external experts from the central and local public administration, the private sector and the academy. This procedure was carried out in a widely participated way, with the purpose of producing specifications which will give answers to the multiple uses of spatial data nowadays. It is expected that the new technical specifications for base geodata acquisition meet the needs of the different users, and, in this way, will contribute to a more widespread use of Portuguese spatial data. The next steps will include capacity building and awareness sessions for the user community, namely for local government technical resources, which are the major users of these spatial data. This communication aims to describe the process of defining new specifications for Portuguese geospatial base data which are better adapted and aligned with the technical specifications of the INSPIRE spatial data themes.


Topic Area:  [2.1] National approaches and strategies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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