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The ‘governability’ of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs)

Jaap-Willem Sjoukema, Arnold Bregt and Joep Crompvoets

(Submission #97)


Almost all Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs), such as INSPIRE, have a clear goal and vision. However, the road to implement these goals into reality is not a straightforward one. SDIs are constantly challenged by new technologies and user demands. This is partly due to the complex, multi-stakeholders, multi-level, technical and open nature of SDIs. SDIs should therefore not be seen as stationary, but more as evolving over time. What we now think of ‘good SDIs’ could be very different of how we evaluate them in the future. Adaptability appears therefore an important feature of SDI governance. But in practice this ability to adapt seems in many cases limited by project-based budgets, low political awareness and difficulties managing the continuously growing group of SDI stakeholders. However an SDI should also be stable so that users will trust the SDI and build upon it, which seems to contradict with its need to be adaptive. These contradicting objectives make SDI governance not an easy task. In our research we try to identify effective governance mechanisms for SDIs. Important questions therefore are ‘how governable is an SDI?’ and ‘how can the governability of an SDI be influenced?’. Governability is defined as “the overall capacity for governance of any societal entity or system” in which we will evaluate governance ‘ingredients’ such as interactions, instrumentation, structures and external influences applied to SDIs. In our research we try to answer these challenging questions, by presenting an ‘SDI governability framework’ which is derived from theory and empirically tested on the SDI(s) of Dutch provinces.


Topic Area:  [2.1] National approaches and strategies
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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