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Workshop on validation of INSPIRE data, metadata and services

Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 00:00

Workshop description

All public bodies having to implement INSPIRE face the issue of validation, regarding technical components (metadata, service and data). As INSPIRE is coming into a practical implementation phase, there is a great need for tools for validation. In the framework of the INSPIRE maintenance and implementation work programme, the European Commission and the Member States are currently developing a commonly agreed European validator to ensure that results from a test of conformity are identical. But since the tools are not yet available, each public body has to validate, using existing various methods and tools. In addition, the validation process has also to be considered, e.g. how should the validation be organised, how to interpret the results provided by the tools.

The purpose of this workshop is to share experiences, to present the state-of-play of existing solutions and the development of the commonly agreed validator and to identify remaining open issues.

Call for Abstracts:
Abstracts may come from open-source or commercial software providers who offer validation tools, from data providers who have run validation, from researchers. Potential content might address how validation is run or might be run (tools, methods), what exploitation is done of the validation results, what are the main lessons learnt (e.g. the most frequent errors).

If you wish to contribute to this workshop submit an abstract by 20/04/2016 to
The  abstracts should include the presentation title, presenter name, validation topic (metadata, data or services) and explain in a few sentences the main content of the presentation and expected duration.