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Antonio F Rodriguez-Pascual

Expert Information
Antonio F
Network services and spatial data services: 
Networking Expertise: 
INSPIRE applications and software components Expertise: 
Cross-cutting technical issues and INSPIRE architecture: 
Cross-cutting technical issues and INSPIRE architecture Expertise: 
I'm part of the Spanish Inspire National Contact Point, the Head of IGN Spain SDI Team, the secretariat of GT IDEE and the secretariat of CODIIGE (Management Board of the Spanish SDI).
Data and service sharing: 
Data and service sharing Expertise: 
I have participated in the dessign and implementation of the data and services policy of IGN Spain and now I'm involved in the management and future plans related to IGN's data policy. Now, I'm the RISP responsible at CNIG Spain and we are definning the CNIG RISP Plan.
Monitoring and reporting Expertise: 
Interoperability of spatial data sets and services: 
Interoperability Expertise: 
I have worked in AEN/CTN148 since its foundation and I have worked internally at CNIG performing conformance tests. I teach for three years "Standardization of GI" at University and I have devoted special attention to ATS, conformance and testing.