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Arne Bröring

Representing an INSPIRE stakeholder organisation not registered as an SDIC or LMO
Expert Information
Networking Expertise: 
INSPIRE applications and software components Expertise: 
Cross-cutting technical issues and INSPIRE architecture Expertise: 
Data and service sharing Expertise: 
Monitoring and reporting Expertise: 
Through a project with the EEA (see CV), I'm involved in the Air Quality e-Reporting initiative, which is based on the European Commission's Implementing Decision 2011/850/EU of 12 December 2011 (laying down rules for the air quality directive in force as regards the reciprocal exchange of information and reporting on ambient air quality).
Interoperability Expertise: 
Experience in the selected areas has been gained through intensive involvement in the specification activities at the Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) working group at OGC (I have acted as chair of the Sensor Observation Service (SOS) group and editor of the according standard). In addition, I have been involved in several consulting/development/research projects which have used ISO/OGC standards (e.g., GML, O&M, WMS, SOS, etc.), RDF and Linked Data, as well as XML schemas as a base technology. Please see CV for a selection of those projects.