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Cameron Easton Easton

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Cameron Easton
United Kingdom
Network services and spatial data services: 
Networking Expertise: 
Delivery of network services and spatial data services through integration of public bodies, ensuring public data made available through appropriate licensing arrangements - as part of the Scottish SDI
INSPIRE applications and software components Expertise: 
Communication Expertise: 
Communication of information from Government to public sector agencies and academic, private and NGO sectors. Communication of information from Scottish Government to UK as Member State
Cost-benefit considerations: 
Cost-benefit considerations Expertise: 
Preliminary delivery of reports to identify cost benefit of public sector data sharing - both acquisition and creation/publication
Cross-cutting technical issues and INSPIRE architecture Expertise: 
Data and service sharing: 
Data and service sharing Expertise: 
Ensuring that public sector data was publicly available within the Scottish SDI, taking into account differing licensing arrangements across different public sector agencies
Monitoring and reporting: 
Monitoring and reporting Expertise: 
Delivery of Scottish INSPRE monitoring and reporting within framework of UK as Member State
Interoperability of spatial data sets and services: 
Interoperability Expertise: 
Delivering the creation and publication of INSPIRE compliant interoperable data by Scottish public sector agencies as part of the Scottish SDI