INSPIRE Knowledge Base

Kristian Jaakkola

Representing an existing SDIC/LMO
Expert Information
Networking Expertise: 
INSPIRE applications and software components: 
INSPIRE applications and software components Expertise: 
Deeply involved with geoportals and helping many of them to improve their quality of service and to monitor and to report on the usage.
Communication Expertise: 
Vice-Chair for Communication task group for INSPIRE in Finland in 2014.
Cost-benefit considerations: 
Cost-benefit considerations Expertise: 
Been involved in several work-groups to discuss and to evaluate cost-benefits for spatial web services and the usage of the data. Also familiar with a doctor thesis made on spatial maturity model.
Cross-cutting technical issues and INSPIRE architecture: 
Cross-cutting technical issues and INSPIRE architecture Expertise: 
Extensive view on INSPIRE implementation in MS. Also involved in national spatial strategy in Finland. Spatineo also provides tools for conformance testing.
Data and service sharing Expertise: 
Spatineo is has the most extensive database and view on the implementation status and the usage of the open data.
Monitoring and reporting Expertise: 
Actively and intensively talking to INSPIRE obligated organisations all over Europe and attending most relevant conference in Europe. On the other hand Spatineo database contains detailed information about all spatial web service in Europe. Thus very extensive view on INSPIRE implementation in different member states.
Interoperability Expertise: