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Kristine Asch

Expert Information
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Thematic knowledge related to one or more INSPIRE themes: 
Communication Expertise: 
Regularily I am reporting the progress of the INSPIRE process to the directors of the German geological surveys and representatives of the state ministries with the aim to raise awareness and acceptance of the INSPIRE objectives.
Cross-cutting technical issues and INSPIRE architecture Expertise: 
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Interoperability Expertise: 
As Workpackage leader of the EC project OneGeology-Europe, in charge for thematic data specification and harmonisation I was responsible for the creation of an agreed vocabulary (incl. definitions, synonyms, parent-child relations) for the geology of Europe. This vocabulary was discussed and included in the CGI vocabulary which is now used in great parts for the INSPIRE GE vocabulary. Within the TWG Ge-MR I was contributing my knowledge gained in OneGeology-Europe to the UML model and vocabulary. Because I have the honour to be the coordinator of the GDI-de Geology expert group and the German governmental geoscience expert group I could on the one hand provide additional expertise of the German Geoscience community to the TWG GE-MR and on the other hand could raise the awareness of common standards and the need for INSPIRE in the German State Geological surveys and geoscience community - not always an easy task. In addtion I am a member of the CGI Geoscience Terminology Working Group where we are polishing the alreay existing international CGI Geoscience vocabulary. At BGR and within the German INSPIRE expert group I was coordinating the testing of the INSPIRE data specifications for GE, SO, MR, ER and NHZ where more than 200 comments have been discussed and created which were supported by three workshops which I was in charge to organize. More than 200 comments went into the DS, many of which were accepted. Together with a BGR member of the TWG SO we discussed and optimized the overlapping cross-thematic properties of SO and GE (lithology, event environment, Environment process).