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2008/2013 IGN Chief of the département external communication’s actions In 2008, it had been asked the IGN’s communication to make an important institutional bend. Among the multiple external communications’ actions which were implemented during these years by the département (team of 12 persons), I notice in particular the implementation, in 2010, of a major event around 70 years of IGN. That event allowed IGN to establish sustainable links with major institutional actors (Afigéo, Supervisory ministries, and regional platforms). IGN demonstrated its capacity renewed to interest and to gather a wide professional and institutional, level community decision-makers and technicians, around appropriate items.
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The main purposes of the support’s mission to CNIG (National Council of the Geographical Information) concern the domains of the CNIG, the directive INSPIRE and the borders. Both domain CNIG and directive INSPIRE are naturally imbricated due to, first of all, the CNIG decree of 31/01/2011 which makes of the CNIG the structure of national coordination in conformance with the European directive, and then, the mandates of his various committees themselves which are strongly influenced by INSPIRE. In 2014, the main actions, linked with INSPIRE, to be committed are the following ones: • The constitution of a list of the series and the services of geographical data aimed by the decision of the European Commission of June 5th, 2009, within the framework of the committee "data" of the CNIG, • The conception and implementation of the national survey on the deployment of INSPIRE in France for the third year, • The implementation of a communication’s event around "best practice INSPIRE" in France.
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