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Maria Lucena e Vale

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Lucena e Vale
Networking Expertise: 
INSPIRE applications and software components: 
INSPIRE applications and software components Expertise: 
Co-responsible for SNIG , The portuguese infrastructure for INSPIRE Very interested in value added services and applications that will allow open data support for DGT.
Communication Expertise: 
Search engines evaluation and public participation strategies
Cross-cutting technical issues and INSPIRE architecture Expertise: 
Data and service sharing Expertise: 
Coordenator of the Portuguese , DGT participation on the Smart open data project Responsible for the implementation of sevreal collaborative platforms in water sehd management and land use planning;Collaborates in the Book TIC and health and social care and in sevreal indicators based, collaborative platforms like the GeoHealth and the Supporting land use management survey coolllaborative platform; collaborate with the BRISEIDE and Humboldt projects, Collaborates with the SmartOpen data and with the eENVplus project.
Monitoring and reporting Expertise: 
Interoperability Expertise: