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I'm currently involved in the italian flagship project RITMARE and I am member of the ICT group of Lifewatch-Italy. In these contexts I am conducting research in the area of Sensor Web Enablement (SWE): I am contributing in formal modeling environmental observations from LTER Italy, from the RITMARE partners exploiting for this purpose some OGC XML standards. I actively contributed to the development of software tools for data ingestion and interoperable exchange (SWE, SOS, SensorML, O&M). Recently I had the opportunity to join a more broader international community actively working on the same aspects, thanks to an invitation to the third ODIP (Ocean data interoperability platform) workshop held in Townsville, QLD, Australia the past August, and more recently in the context of a smaller European group invited by IFREMER for a workshop in Paris on data ingestion systems and SWE. I recently presented to the ASITA conference an orchestration of OGC standard services (CSW, SOS, WPS) for conducting an ecological analysis (phenology).