INSPIRE feature concept dictionary

INSPIRE feature concept dictionary
Content Summary:
The INSPIRE Feature Concept Dictionary (IFCD) acts as a common feature concept dictionary for all INSPIRE data specifications. The common feature concept dictionary contains terms and definitions required for specifying thematic spatial object types and it is main role is in particular to support the harmonisation effort and to identify conflicts between the specifications of the spatial object types in the different themes.
European Union
Register manager:
European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Control body:
Control body for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation
Nominated submitting organisations for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation
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Feature Concepts

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Label Themes Status
Buoy Valid
Address Valid
Address Area Name Valid
Address Component Valid
Administrative Unit Name Valid
Postal Descriptor Valid
Thoroughfare Name Valid
Administrative Boundary Valid
Administrative Unit Valid
Condominium Valid
Baseline Valid
Maritime Boundary Valid
Maritime Zone Valid
Holding Valid
Site Valid
Abstract Installation Valid
AgriBuilding Valid
AquacultureInstallation Valid
Installation Valid
InstallationPart Valid
Plot Valid
WaterManagementInstallation Valid
Management Restriction Or Regulation Zone Valid
WFD Coastal Water Valid
WFD Ground Water Body Valid
WFD Lake Valid
WFD River Valid
WFD River Or Lake Valid
WFD Surface Water Body Valid
WFD Transitional Water Valid
Bio-geographical Region Valid
Abstract Building Valid
Abstract Construction Valid
Building Valid
Building Part Valid
Basic Property Unit Valid
Cadastral Boundary Valid
Cadastral Parcel Valid
Cadastral Zoning Valid
Elevation Grid Coverage Valid
Elevation TIN Valid
Breakline Valid
Contour Line Valid
Elevation Vector Object Valid
Isolated Area Valid
Spot Elevation Valid
Void Area Valid
Renewable And Waste Potential Coverage Valid
Fossil Fuel Resource Valid
Renewable And Waste Resource Valid
Vector Energy Resource Valid
Abstract Monitoring Feature Valid
Abstract Monitoring Object Valid
Environmental Monitoring Activity Valid
Environmental Monitoring Facility Valid
Environmental Monitoring Network Valid
Environmental Monitoring Programme Valid
Observing Capability Valid
operational activity period Valid
Activity Complex Valid
SpatialDataSet Valid
Coverage Valid
Coverage (Domain And Range Representation) Valid
Rectified Grid Coverage Valid
Referenceable Grid Coverage Valid
Cross Reference Valid
Generalised Link Valid
Grade Separated Crossing Valid
Link Valid
Link Sequence Valid
Link Set Valid
Network Valid
Network Area Valid
Network Connection Valid
Network Element Valid
Network Property Valid
Node Valid
Observation Set Valid
Observable Properties Valid
Process Valid
Grid Observation Valid
Grid Series Observation Valid
Multi Point Observation Valid
Point Observation Valid
Point Observation Collection Valid
Point Time Series Observation Valid
Profile Observation Valid
Trajectory Observation Valid
Named Place Valid
Anthropogenic Geomorphologic Feature Valid
Borehole Valid
Fold Valid
Geologic Collection Valid
Geologic Event Valid
Geologic Feature Valid
Geologic Structure Valid
Geologic Unit Valid
Geomorphologic Feature Valid
Mapped Feature Valid
Mapped Interval Valid
Natural Geomorphologic Feature Valid
Shear Displacement Structure Valid
Campaign Valid
Geophysical Measurement Valid
Geophysical Object Valid
Geophysical Object Set Valid
Geophysical Profile Valid
Geophysical Station Valid
Geophysical Swath Valid
Active Well Valid
Aquiclude Valid
Aquifer Valid
Aquifer System Valid
Aquitard Valid
Groundwater Body Valid
Hydrogeological Object Valid
Man-made Hydrogeological Object Valid
Natural Hydrogeological Object Valid
Hydrogeological Unit Valid
Habitat Valid
habitat distribution data set Valid
habitat distribution unit Valid
source information Valid
Biomarker Valid
Disease Valid
Environmental Health Determinant Measure Valid
Environmental Health Determinant Statistical Data Valid
General Health Statistic Valid
Health Services Statistic Valid
Health Statistical Data Valid
Hydro Object Valid
Hydro Node Valid
Watercourse Link Valid
Watercourse Link Sequence Valid
Watercourse Separated Crossing Valid
Crossing Valid
Dam Or Weir Valid
Drainage Basin Valid
Embankment Valid
Falls Valid
Fluvial Point Valid
Ford Valid
Hydro Point Of Interest Valid
Land-Water Boundary Valid
Lock Valid
Man-made Object Valid
Rapids Valid
River Basin Valid
Shore Valid
Shoreline Construction Valid
Sluice Valid
Standing Water Valid
Surface Water Valid
Watercourse Valid
Wetland Valid
Land Cover Data set Valid
Land Cover Unit Valid
Land Cover Grid Coverage Valid
Existing Land Use Data Set Valid
Existing Land Use Object Valid
Existing Land Use Grid Valid
Official Documentation Valid
Spatial Plan Valid
Supplementary Regulation Valid
Zoning Element Valid
Existing Land Use Sample Valid
Sampled Existing Land Use Data Set Valid
Commodity Valid
Earth Resource Valid
Exploration Activity Valid
Mine Valid
Mineral Occurrence Valid
Mining Activity Valid
Mining Feature Valid
Mining Feature Occurrence Valid
Abstract Exposed Element Valid
Abstract Hazard Area Valid
Abstract Observed Event Valid
Abstract Risk Zone Valid
Exposed Element Valid
Exposed Element Coverage Valid
Hazard Area Valid
Hazard Coverage Valid
Observed Event Valid
Observed Event Coverage Valid
Risk coverage Valid
Risk Zone Valid
Oceanographic Geographical Features Valid
Aggregated Mosaic Element Valid
Mosaic Element Valid
Orthoimage Coverage Valid
Single Mosaic Element Valid
Statistical Distribution Valid
Production Building Valid
Production Facility Valid
Production Installation Valid
Production Installation Part Valid
Production Plot Valid
Production Site Valid
technical unit Valid
Protected Site Valid
ResponsibleAgency Valid
Coastline Valid
Intertidal Area Valid
Marine Circulation Zone Valid
Marine Contour Valid
Marine Layer Valid
Sea Valid
Sea Area Valid
Sea Bed Area Valid
Sea Surface Area Valid
Shoreline Valid
Shore Segment Valid
Derived Soil Profile Valid
Observed Soil Profile Valid
Profile Element Valid
Soil Body Valid
Soil Derived Object Valid
Soil Horizon Valid
Soil Layer Valid
Soil Plot Valid
Soil Profile Valid
Soil Site Valid
Soil Theme Coverage Valid
Soil Theme Descriptive Coverage Valid
Species Distribution Data Set Valid
Species Distribution Unit Valid
Statistical Unit Valid
Statistical Grid Valid
Statistical Grid Cell Valid
Area Statistical Unit Valid
Statistical Tesselation Valid
Vector Statistical Unit Valid
Evolution Valid
NUTS Region Valid
Access Restriction Valid
Condition Of Facility Valid
Maintenance Authority Valid
Marker Post Valid
Owner Authority Valid
Restriction For Vehicles Valid
Traffic Flow Direction Valid
Transport Area Valid
Transport Link Valid
Transport Link Sequence Valid
Transport Link Set Valid
Transport Network Valid
Transport Node Valid
Transport Object Valid
Transport Point Valid
Transport Property Valid
Vertical Position Valid
Aerodrome Area Valid
Aerodrome Category Valid
Aerodrome Node Valid
Aerodrome Type Valid
Air Link Valid
Air Link Sequence Valid
Air Node Valid
Air Route Valid
Air Route Link Valid
Airspace Area Valid
Apron Area Valid
Condition Of Air Facility Valid
Designated Point Valid
Element Length Valid
Element Width Valid
Field Elevation Valid
Instrument Approach Procedure Valid
Lower Altitude Limit Valid
Navaid Valid
Procedure Link Valid
Runway Area Valid
Runway Centreline Point Valid
Standard Instrument Arrival Valid
Standard Instrument Departure Valid
Surface Composition Valid
Taxiway Area Valid
Touch Down Lift Off Area Valid
Upper Altitude Limit Valid
Use Restriction Valid
Cableway Link Valid
Cableway Link Sequence Valid
Cableway Link Set Valid
Cableway Node Valid
Design Speed Valid
Nominal Track Gauge Valid
Number Of Tracks Valid
Railway Area Valid
Railway Electrification Valid
Railway Line Valid
Railway Link Valid
Railway Link Sequence Valid
Railway Node Valid
Railway Station Area Valid
Railway Station Code Valid
Railway Station Node Valid
Railway Type Valid
Railway Use Valid
Railway Yard Area Valid
Railway Yard Node Valid
E-Road Valid
Form Of Way Valid
Functional Road Class Valid
Number Of Lanes Valid
Road Valid
Road Area Valid
Road Link Valid
Road Link Sequence Valid
Road Name Valid
Road Node Valid
Road Service Area Valid
Road Service Type Valid
Road Surface Category Valid
Road Width Valid
Speed Limit Valid
Vehicle Traffic Area Valid
Beacon Valid
CEMT Class Valid
Condition Of Water Facility Valid
Fairway Area Valid
Ferry Crossing Valid
Ferry Use Valid
Inland Waterway Valid
Marine Waterway Valid
Port Area Valid
Port Node Valid
Restriction For Water Vehicles Valid
Traffic Separation Scheme Valid
Traffic Separation Scheme Area Valid
Traffic Separation Scheme Crossing Valid
Traffic Separation Scheme Lane Valid
Traffic Separation Scheme Roundabout Valid
Traffic Separation Scheme Separator Valid
Water Link Sequence Valid
Water Node Valid
Water Traffic Flow Direction Valid
Waterway Valid
Waterway Link Valid
Waterway Node Valid
Appurtenance Valid
Cabinet Valid
Cable Valid
Duct Valid
Manhole Valid
Pipe Valid
Pole Valid
Tower Valid
Utility Link Valid
Utility Link Sequence Valid
Utility Link Set Valid
Utility Network Valid
Utility Network Element Valid
Utility Node Valid
Utility Node Container Valid
Governmental Service Valid
Electricity Cable Valid
Environmental Management Facility Valid
Oil, Gas and Chemicals Pipe Valid
Sewer Pipe Valid
Thermal Pipe Valid
Water Pipe Valid
Gazetteer Retired
Location Instance Retired
Location Type Retired
Hydro-Power Plant Retired
Inundated Land Retired
Ocean Region Retired
PumpingStation Retired
Species Aggregation Unit Superseded
Species Distribution Superseded
WFD Water Body Superseded