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Stored Queries: ways of protecting from being dropped?

Sorin RUSU
By Sorin RUSU

Hello everyone,

I have stumbled uppon a difficult subject regarding Stored Queries. The TG requirements, as well as common sense, dictate that Stored Queries should be created for WFS-served geospatial data. These queries can be similar to the ones that I created for the Romanian PS WFS:

Stored queries help users get just the types of data they need, either through predefined filters, or through parametrised filters.

My problem is that a WFS service allows non-authenticated users the freedom to Create, Describe as well as Drop stored queries from a GIS Server. Does anybody know of a way to protect/lock specific stored queries to prevent their malitious or unintentional deletion from the server?

Also, is there a way to prevent unauthorised users from submiting create stored query requests (I am imagining a scenario where malitious users might just flood the GIS server with create stored query requests, creating thousands or tens of thousands of stored queries through a distributed 'attack').


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