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EU-DEM usability

EU-DEM is an existing / available pan-European dataset.

The following discussion topic in the parent cluster group highlighted that this dataset is not INSPIRE compliant and also that it may be considered outdated for certain purposes and applications.

However, it is a dataset owned / ordered by the Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry (DG-ENTR) / European Commission (EC) which was produced by the private sector and covers the European scope. The product itself is seamless at EU borders (there are no contributions from Member States) and it is ready to use for appropriate purposes.

Please, use this discussion topic if further discussion on EU-DEM usability is required.

  • Jordi ESCRIU

    Dear All,

    I proceed to close this topic, since discussion regarding usability of EU-DEM seems not of interest now.

    In case any you want to re-open the discussion, please send me a message through the collaboration platform.


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