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Environmental Stratification codelist

Has anyone already implemented the environmental stratification codelist or can anyone tell me 13 zones mentioned in the Inspire Registry?


  • Stefania MORRONE

    By Stefania MORRONE

    Hi Wim,

    the environmental stratification code list is externally governed i.e. its values are not defined and maintained by INSPIRE.

    Currently, the INSPIRE registry only displays the information of the externally governed code lists at the code list level, meaning that no code list values are available in the registry but only the reference to the document / register where the values can be found.

    For the environmental stratification code list, the reference document can be found at

    Discussion is ongoing at MIG level on how to manage the values of the externally governed code lists in the INSPIRE registry.

    Basic proposal is that, whether no http URI is available for external code list values, INSPIRE registry should provide persistent URIs i.e. create INSPIRE-specific identifiers based on local identifiers contained in the externally governed code lists.

    To sum up:

    currently no resolvable http URIs are available for EnvironmentalStratificationClassificationValue code list values.

    For the creation of the INSPIRE BR GML dataset, you can encode code list values as<code list value>

    and add description of the value in the ”xlink:title”


    xlink:title="Alpine North"/>

    Hope it helps


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