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Suggest check the imminent (January 23rd 2015) final publication of the INSPIRE recommended codelist URI values

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You may have seen the following email from Chris Schubert of JRC or you may not have - still time to check the registry entries according to the URL links in the message ( see html widget' INSPIRE recommended codelists for each Data Specification TG published for final checking' below also):

Dear colleagues,

Yesterday JRC published a new release candidate of the INSPIRE Registry software with the long expected publication of complete code lists and code list values for INSPIRE in additional formats like RDF, CSV and ISO 19135 based XML.

The release candidate of the INSPIRE registry service is available for testing until 23 January 2015. Please use this opportunity, especially for INSPIRE Mineral Resources Theme and the revisions based on WP5 results within Minerals4EU.


Release candidate service link: or


More information and instructions for testing of the 5th release for the INSPIRE registers is available here


There, you will find also a nice data management component, for submitting new proposals, trnslations and improvements, as new software development (

By the way the whole software package, called Re3gistry is an open source tool and could be installed and run for own purposes to set up registers.

To participate on the testing you have to be registered, for more details or needed support do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes and a relaxing break

Chris Schubert



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