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Country by Country State of Play in the Soil Data Specification - at the start of this Collaboration, January 2015

By Einar EBERHARDT Replies (4)

State of Play in the Soil Data Specification - at the start of this Collaboration (January 2015) - from each of the European Geological Surveys (mostly, there may be some other organisations with reference INSPIRE legally mandated data).


    By Einar EBERHARDT

    The German federal state geological surveys are working on a common approach to provide INSPIRE data and services about soil. The final version of the paper is expected for February 2015. It is planned to set up a registry service with necessary codelists for the theme soil with GDI-DE, the national INSPIRE contact point. Only then data compliant with the data specification soil TG can be published.

  • Tomas LINDBERG

    By Tomas LINDBERG

    When setting up the registry service, are you handling extensions to the Inspire code lists in this registry? Sweden would like to extend the code list SoliDerivedObjectParameterNameValue but are not clear on how this should be managed within Inspire.

    Interested to hear if you have any thoughts on this.


    By Einar EBERHARDT

    Yes, codeists are to be handled in a regsitry (service). How this works is not competely clear to me, especially the reference from the data file to single registry entries. After some technical problems, we start our registry test end of April.

    Because extensions in the ...ParameterNameValues could produce several names for similar parameters, we possibly could gather parameters here in the forum and try to implement them in one registry only. I will try to open a new thread about this.

  • Katarzyna JÓŹWIK

    By Katarzyna JÓŹWIK

    According to the INSPIRE Directive and the Polish transposition of it (Spatial Information Infrastructure Act) the Polish Geological Survey is not legally responsible for implementation of the Soil Data Specification. The unit obligated by the law to provide the soil data is the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography.

    However Polish Geological Survey hold the data that can serve as an information about soil parent material (digital lithologic and especially geological compilations in various scales) and can be useful in delineating or verifying soil types and properties. We are engaged in activities regarding soils (e.g. EGS SDTF’s works) and so we consider having current information about the state of soil data implementation in Europe to be important.

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