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application of TN to trekking trails?

Hello -

I am writing to check if anybody in the group  is aware of applications of the TN spec to trekking trails?

Thanks for your attention, and best regards


  • Knut JETLUND

    Hi Andrea

    I am not aware of any use of TN for trekking trails, but the structure of the TN model should be applicable for this purpose. Trekking trails is a network like any other transport network, and they are connected to the road network, maybe the rail and cable networks as well.

    For this use, you may want to extend the FormOfWayValue CodeList with a value for path or trail, and you may also want to have special transport properties for the trails, with information about route number and name, category, if it is possible to ride a bike, difficulty, etc. I am thinking this might be a new part of the transport networks specification. 

    In Norway, we have started to build a network of paths/trails, connected to our road data base, and based on the same network model. This will be very usefull for pedestrian and bike navigation. Some of the paths are shortcuts in urban areas, and are important parts of the network for pedestrians and bicycles. 

    Kind regards,

    Knut Jetlund

    Norwegian Public Roads Administration

  • andrea GIACOMELLI

    By andrea GIACOMELLI

    Thanks for your feedback, Knut!


  • Josué Díaz Jiménez

    By Josué Díaz Jiménez

    I agree with Knut in part. Basically the trails are unpaved roads and with access just for bikes and pedestrians. From my point of view features types and properties are included in the TN to define this kind of particular roads and I don't think a new model is neeeded.

    In my organization here in Mallorca we have considered it in this way. We have give it a FormOfWay value of "walkway" from the a stated codelist of FormOfWayValue, and a RoadSurface value of "unpaved" form the stated codelist of RoadSurfaceCategoryValue. At the same time you can state the value "pedestrian" from VehicleTypeValue code list in the Feature type SpeedLimit on his attribute VehicleType.

    I hope it helps.

    Best regards!

    Josué Díaz

    TIC Mallorca