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Correct HydroNodeCategoryValue for a HydroNode joining a non-fictitious WatercourseLink to a fictitious WatercourseLink?

Hi, I'm trying to create a sample GML files for Hydrography-Network application schema. I have a sample area shown in the image below:

WatercourseLinks with connecting nodes

In the top you can see a WatercourseLink (1006012602056) entering a lake and continuing as a fictitious (pseudo) link inside the lake, joining another fictitious link in the middle of the lake.

The hydroNodeCategory element is mandatory for each HydroNode, and the valid code list values are given in

What is the correct HydroNodeCategoryValue for the node connecting the non-fictitious and a fictitious links (node 5008050556244)? Junction would seem appropriate to me, except that it's description seem to require joining of three or more links. Outlet on the other hand is described as "ending node of a series of interconnected links", which does not seem like a good fit either, as the chain of links does continue.

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