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problem with the INSPIRE BU2d extended schema. With “other constructions”.

We have a problem with the INSPIRE BU2d extended schema. With “other constructions”.


we are using INSPIRE GML to exchange data between Land Registry and Cadastre.


In Spain there are many swimming pools and their geographical location is important. And also for taxation


We need to exchange the position of the swimming pools with the land registry  and although is very well included in the INSPIRE specifications, when we try to validate the GML, it gives a error in the tag constructionNature.


We cannot use pool, not even let it empty. it obliges to choose between:





It is possible to correct this issue and permit validation with other values in constructyionNature?






Amalia Velasco Martín-Varés

  • Dominique LAURENT

    By Dominique LAURENT

    The problem is well known: the GML schema for Building2D extended was derived from an old version of the UML schema.

    JRC has not done yet the derivation of last version of the UML schema on Building2D extended, though it created a lot of issues to many stakeholders, e.g. in the ELF project.

    In the last version of Building 2D extended, openAirPool is included in the list of possible values for Other Construction nature.



  • Fabio VINCI

    The Building2D extended GML application schema is not usable at the moment due to the missing encoding of the double inheritance of the Building and BuildingPart feature types.

    In the frame of the GeoSmartCity EU funded project an extended Building data model has been created starting from the BuildingsCore2D schema, re-using some elements of the BuildingExtended2D draft schema and adding new elements.

    See details at:

    Regarding the “OtherConstructionNatureValue” codelist, it is an open codelist therefore you can use own values.

    During the gml validation against xsd schema the codelist values are not checked, therefore, what is the error?

    If you send a sample gml file I can help you!


  • Michal MED

    I am quite sure that both Amalia and Dominique know that we have created Buildings Extended schemes following version 3.0 of Data Specification, whose usage would probably solve the problem. We already updated to version 4.0. You can find both versions here: