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Linking of HY-n Network, WatercourseLinks and HydroNodes

By Ilkka RINNE


The Network class defined in the INSPIRE Generic Network Model (GNM), and used in Hydrography - Network Application Schema for describing a network of hydrographic elements, refers to it's contained elements using "net:elements" element of type reference. The target type of this reference in an abstract net:NetworkElement.

Is it allowed or intended according to the Hydrography Data Specification that a "elements" property could refer to a set of network elements (such as a stand-alone GML document, or a WFS GetFeature request containing a wfs:featureCollection with the target NetworkElements as members? Or do we have to include a separate "net:elements" property for each of the included WatercourseLink and HydroNode element in the network? The latter case would seem very difficult from the data maintenance perspective.