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INSPIRE BU2D (3D) as PostGIS Schema

Hi INSPIRE Community,

I wonder if someone already implemented the INSPIRE BU 2D Schema as PostgresSQL/PostGIS data schema?

There is a PGModeler model for e.g. CityGML [1]. Something similar for the INSPIRE BU 2D (or later 3D) model would be helpful.

Is someone aware of any PostGIS implementations to store inspire building data?

The idea behind is to store building data directly in the INSPIRE schema (more or less) and later one to do easy transformations to INSPIRE GML via HALE or FME.




  • Fabio VINCI

    Hi Ben,

    keep in mind that the GeoSmartCity Building data model is an extension of the INSPIRE BU 2D data model.

    To better understand the GeoSmartCity Building SQL Data Model it may be useful to have a look at this post. There you can find the UML model and the related xsd application schema.


  • Ben GeoSchnitz

    By Ben GeoSchnitz

    Hi Fabio,

    Thanks, I know that GeoSmartCity Building Model is an extension. But so far its the only direct PostGIS implementation I found.

    But, more as an discussion point: The complexity of the INSPIRE data models (e.g. complex data-types, 1:M relations etc.) are in my view currently not usable for data aggregations or data capture in "normal" GIS - application.

    To transform and publish complaint datasets (even with extensions like energy) is of cause possible with FME or HALE, the direct use of the data is still a problem (for me).

    I'm currently working on a "INSPIRE simple model BU" (flat), oriented on the data specification, to work with the data (transform, aggregation, capture) and later publish the data compliant to the related xsd application schema. Not sure if this is how INSPIRE data models should be used, but currently the only usable way.

    Any thoughts on that?