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missing a Statistical Unit type in the datamodel

Recently Statistics Netherlands has published a INSPIRE harmonised Statistical Units WMS and WFS:

They can be reached via:

The biggest problem we encountered for creating the harmonized service, was that we could only add one layer with one feature type in the service. In the original service we had one layer for each different SU, but now we had to put them all together. This is not very useful for the users, because they have to use a filter to get them separated again. We added the fields theme and year to be able to filter the separate SU's out again. Luckily, the validator accepted this. You now have to use an SQL query in QGIS to separate the different types again like I show in the picture below:


We also used the tessellation attribute to store the SU type and year. It is shown with the example below;

I'm curious to know how others solved this problem.

Best regards,

Pieter Bresters

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Statistics & Health

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