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I looked at the AQD e-Reporting for "(B) Information on zones and agglomerations (Article 6)" for several MS on CDR, (as for example Austria and I see that geometry is provided for "am" (Area management / restriction / regulation zones & reporting units). 

I see that "Area management / restriction / regulation zones & reporting units" is part of this cluster.

Is my understanding correct that AQD e-Reporting of information on zones and agglomerations (Article 6) is falling under "Area management / restriction / regulation zones & reporting units" INSPIRE data theme ?

Looking at the EC INSPIRE Geoportal, I see that many MS have linked their AQD e-Reporting of information on zones and agglomerations (Article 6) dataset to "Environmental Monitoring Facilities" data theme.

Can anyone provide more details.

Best regards,


  • Katharina SCHLEIDT

    By Katharina SCHLEIDT

    Hi Iurie,

    missed this as wasn't member of the AM subgroup, sorry.

    And yes, this is a bit dilemma, as the AQD model covers both EF and AM together in one namespace. This was required due to the strong interlinkages between the reporting data from EF and AM; also, the data model was finalized more or less at the same time as the INSPIRE model was (interesting process, creating something based on something that doesn't exist!), a lot of the further INSPIRE ramifications weren't as clear at the time (and once they were clear, we were no longer allowed to change the data model at all :( )

    Maybe a good topic for the various Workshops at next weeks conference?



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